Local Links

Weltons Brewery prides itself on working with the local community.

Old Cocky's local link

Old Cocky was the second beer to be brewed by Weltons Brewery and bares the Dorking emblem on it’s pump clip, the cockerel. Old Cocky represents Ray’s roots, as he was born and raised in Dorking, thus making this beer a signature recipe and image for the brewery. 

Old Cocky Pumpclip

Old Harry's local link

Weltons Old Harry Pumpclip

Churchillian's local link

Churchillian is a beer that plays tribute to Winston Churchill and all personnel that fought or supported the country during the Second World War. The pumpclip features the image of Ray Welton’s father, Allen Welton, who was conscripted into the army.

Churchillian Pumpclip

Persian Princess' local link

Horsham Museum has an exhibition about the Persian Princess, a woman cloaked in mystery, who was buried in the St Mary’s Churchyard. Weltons beer the Persian Princess was named after this mysterious Horsham resident from the 1800s to help shed some light on a woman whose grave sparked a whole range of creative and imaginative tales of its own. 

Weltons Persian Princess Pumpclip

Headless Horseman's local link

You may have noticed that the Headless Horseman pump clip is a different style to the rest. This is because the pump clip art was drawn by Lucy Gathercole-Smith, a student at the Art Academy in Horsham. Weltons ran a competition whereby students were asked to create artwork for the local legend of the Headless Horseman and Lucy’s artwork won. It has since been featured on the pump clip. 

Headless Horseman Pumpclip

Morris Men

Since 1995, Ray Welton has been forging links between the brewery and Morris Men. Weltons Brewery sponsors the Annual Day of Dance in May and Ray Welton attends and supplies the beer for the Annual Broadwood Wassail at The White Horse in Maplehurst. In return, the Morris Men support Ray at many of the Brewery events, such as the launch of Horsham Old every October.